Biz trip to Europe – part 1

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They said I couldn’t go to Europe alone because I was a junior and sent Mr. Nomura with me. He only joined the company several months back from a trading company. There wasn’t anything outstanding about him other than the wig that only he thought no one noticed. We decided to visit the London office first, then the Frankfurt office.

I had been taking antibiotics because of the breakout of adult acne. It wasn’t helping at all, but I kept taking it out of desperation. It caused a stomach problem. Since a few days before the trip, I had diarrhea and frequently stood up during work to go to the washroom. Mr. Tada insinuated that I was too excited about the first business trip abroad.

Mr. Yoshida also joined us in London. He was from the department that liaised between the sales & marketing team of Europe and the R&D team in Japan. He had known Mr. N for a long time and was friendly with the people at the European offices. He spent his childhood in America and spoke English fluently. His dyed-brown hair and casual intimacy initially put me off.

We took an evening flight, but I couldn’t sleep on the airplane, and when I finally dozed off, woken up by the bzzz noise of Mr. Noguchi shaving his beard with his electric shaver next to me.

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