Biz trip to Europe – part 4

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I woke up with a start. I had no sense of how long I had been gone, but the bathwater was cold. The moment I got up, I threw up violently into the toilet bowl next to the bathtub. My gut wrenched and squeezed out inside of me for the next few hours until I was hollowed out. I shivered profusely, and aches from fever knocked me down until the morning.

I called Mr. Nomura to let him know about the condition and then called the travel insurance company to send the doctor to the hotel room. The local doctor came within an hour and gave me a shot in my butt cheek. He told me to drink water and, pointing at the breakfast room service I had ordered before I got sick the previous night, not to eat meat. I slept all day and night until the following morning to compensate for the lost sleep in jet lag the past few days.

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