Failed date

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In the international circle I joined, I met a boy I was attracted to. We flirted, and he even walked me home one evening. At one drinking social, he asked me if I wanted to meet the following day, which was Sunday. We decided to meet at the park, a 20-minute walk from my apartment.

The drinking went late into the night, and I didn’t go home until early morning. I overslept for our date, woken up by the phone call from him, who had barely slept himself. I got ready as quickly as I could and ran to the park. He was pretty cross and remained glum during the short stroll around the park. I tried my best to mend his mood by listening to him and agreeing with everything he said.

He talked about one of the guys from the circle, whom I had not met yet as he went to a different university. This guy lied to a girl that he was a medical student because he thought that’d attract girls. But, right when they were about to have sex, he told her the truth, to find out if she liked him for who he was or his false identity. She got angry and left him then and there.

He said indignantly, “can you believe her? She was awful to go as far as the bedroom and reject him because he wasn’t a medical student. Nasty. I hate women like that.” The last part was thrown at me like a warning – how women should behave around men. I wasn’t sure if my date was upset because he thought the girl owed him sex when she crossed the threshold of the bedroom, or because she was so shallow to date him when he was a med student and reject him when he was not.

To me, it was apparent that the guy was the nasty one to lie to her in the first place. He was also pathetic for testing her intension by the lie. But I had already made him grumpy from my lateness, and I didn’t want to upset him further. I nodded along to his rant about the poor girl.

Later that year, this fake-med student proved his nastiness to me.

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