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When I came back to my dorm room, Clare was still up. “I heard the voice mail,” she smiled. I told her what happened, and both of us got very excited. When I went to bed, I had no idea what I wanted to happen in the next three months until I return to Japan. I just kissed a cute boy in America, and that was quite a memorable enough experience for me.

The following day was a holiday, so I was lazing around on the top bunk reading a book. Clare was working on her computer. We heard a knock, and Clare answered. It was Mark. A little surprised, I went out into the hallway so that we didn’t disturb Clare. He said he stopped by on his way back from the campus studio and wanted to tell me how much he enjoyed the previous evening. I was astounded by his sweet gesture. I wasn’t sure how to react, but he didn’t mind my awkwardness. He kissed me and walked off.

From then on, we were “together.” Not only that he was sweet and funny, but also he showed me a different angle to see America. He was also an artist, so how he saw the shapes and colors of the world truly mesmerized me. When we had sex for the first time, it was good that we felt closer, but no orgasm. But as we had sex more regularly, I was able to explore what felt good to me and experienced orgasms. I was happy my physical pleasure was also fulfilled.

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