Footprints of The Third Man

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There was one place I longed to see in Vienna. When films were the only distraction that sustained me through high school years, I watched many film noir. Among them, I thought The Third Man was an amazing work of art. I knew the film was set in Vienna, so I wanted to trace the footprints of Harry, played by great Orson Welles.

We went to the Ferris wheel at the Wurstelprater. I had Maya to take photos of me in front of the Ferris wheel from various angles. We got on the old-fashioned, slow-moving carriage and enjoyed the view of the city yet again.

We then went to the Central Cemetary, which was known for the long avenue of trees where the last scene was shot. I stood at the entry to the street, where the camera shot Anna walking past Martins. I was so profoundly entranced in the monochromatic world that Maya was pretty annoyed by the end.

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