LA trip – part 2

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We spent ten days visiting general tourist destinations – Disney Land, Universal Studio, Sea World in San Diego, shopping malls, and short a hike up the hill. As much as they were enjoyable, they were not particularly memorable. I was tuning in more with foreignness in the dry air and people.

The host families who showed us around were from the church, and they were all Japanese-Americans. They spoke some Japanese but seemed more comfortable speaking English. It was strange to see Japanese people in American skin. They were older than my parents but dressed like teenagers – in bright-colored polo shirts and short pants.

My host family’s house was two-storied and had a spacious living room with a long sofa on which I could comfortably spread my limbs. And the size of the TV was astonishing. I could barely sleep in the first few nights in the shared bed with the oldest pretty girl. I asked the girls to change the place with me, and I slept on the waterbed in the livingroom. I had seen a waterbed in Edward Scissorhands, but whoever invented it created the most uncomfortable thing to lie on. I could feel Edward tearing the damn thing apart.

The next day I asked the girls again that I needed to sleep on the couch, and they kindly switched place with me. They were annoyed with me, and the oldest pretty girl verbally expressed it, but I was used to annoying girls, and the progressive reverend had told us we had to ask for what we wanted in America.

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