Apple and Orange

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Schoolwork was easy. English was added to the curriculum, and arithmetic was upgraded to mathematics. I had started learning English at the church two years before, so the English class […]

Girls’ rules – bathroom

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The girls’ rules even seeped into the bathroom. The 3rd-grade girls spent a lot of their time in the bathroom doing their hair because only they had freedom of hair-doing. […]

Girls’ rules – greetings

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The sports program was not the only source of stress in junior high school. I had been informed by other girls who had sisters in 2nd and 3rd-grade that the […]

Junior high school sports

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After 6th grade finished, we entered junior high school, which abutted to the elementary school. Children from two other elementary schools in the area joined the same junior high school. […]

Speech contest

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Sometime after the day of resistance, Izumi, Kei, and I was called again. This time, Mr. Moto wanted us to write an essay. There was going to be a weekend-long […]


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In one morning, we were waiting for Mr. Moto to start the class. We were chatting while Mr. Moto still seemed to be writing down something at his desk in […]

Mr. Moto’s stick

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In 6th grade, we had a new teacher, Mr. Moto. He was in his twenties, tall and athletic. He was often funny, and kids liked him, but he was also […]

Kei the big-hearted

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At school, we were numbered in the order of birth date, boys first, then girls. My birth date was the earliest of the class, but Tsuyoshi was number 1 because […]

Izumi the brilliant

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Izumi and I got closer because both of us were into witchcraft. We subscribed to a witch magazine, read our horoscopes, did magic spell on our crush, and collected witch […]

Violence in comedy

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My sister, who was a manga connoisseur, often introduced me to her new favorite manga when I lived in London. Among her favorite was a manga called “Nodame Cantabile,” which […]