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After our day out in Tokyo, Stuart and I corresponded with each other more frequently, and the topics of conversation became more intimate. When there was a medium-size earthquake in the heat of summer, I was taking a nap with no clothes on, as I often did to curb AC cost. I jumped out of bed at the sudden strong tremor, and in a state of half-woken panic, tried to open the windows to secure the escape route. The earthquake subsided, and I stood in the center of my apartment, disheveled, naked, and almost blind without contact lenses. I told the story to Stuart, and he reacted to the part I was naked, saying he couldn’t get the image out of his mind. The innuendo was unintentional on my end, but his reaction intensified my desire. Our messages started to allude to physical intimacy we might explore when we meet in the future. My expectation for our relationship grew with each steamy exchange.

My relocation was finalized around the same time, and my start date in Germany would be October 1st, 2005, which was only two months away. Papers and documents were signed, and my tasks were passed on to colleagues. My bosses then told me to go to London and Germany again to oversee the implementation of a new data system and let me spend two weeks in total to find an apartment and start familiarizing myself with new life. It was another opportunity given to me to see Stuart. I wrote to him immediately, and he said he’d be at my disposal in the weekend I’d be in London.

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