Road trip 1999 – part 2

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We found out the following day that Grand Canyon was closed for winter for just one more week. Mark was disappointed, and I was devastated to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fortunately, however, there were other National Parks in the area that were open.

We drove to Bryce Canyon first. I had never properly hiked in my life and never expected myself to, so I was wearing a pair of Converse. We walked along the ridge for 1 hour or so. It sure was a stunning sight. The top of the spiky rock formation had a touch of snow over its reddish earthly color and stood against the cloudless winter sky. The canyon below was bottomless, and the crevice of the earth extended into the horizon. I felt dizzy with rapture.

We also stopped by Zion National Park but didn’t have much time to explore because we wanted to get to Phoenix that evening. Mark drove all morning the following day to Las Vegas, where we gambled little and walked around. We stayed there for the night and headed home the next day.

We talked a lot on the road and had lots of sex, too. By the time we got back to LA, we were closer and were craving each other more.

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