The fake-med student

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There was the circle’s event during the day, and we had an after-party at an izakaya in Shinjuku. We occupied a large tatami room with six rectangle tables. We used five of them and left our coats and bags in one. As always, I quickly got over-capacity with alcohol and started to feel dizzy. I laid down on the tatami mat by the unused table. In delirium, I was listening to the chorus of laughter and the chant of drinking games.

I heard the swishing sound of someone’s feet brush the tatami mat as he approached me. I was lying on my side down, and with a thud, a warmth covered my back. Someone lay beside me and was very close to my body. As I remained still, he got closer. I wiggled to distance myself, but he moved again so that his belly almost touched my back. I remained silent as I contemplated how to remove myself from the situation without confronting the man when he thrust his lower part toward me and banged it on my rear end. With this, I rolled around to face him and stared at him in the eyes. I recognized him as the fake-med student guy. He averted his narrow eyes, and his face distorted with a fake smile. Without saying a word, he picked himself up and disappeared into the mass of other drinkers. I never saw him again.

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