Tsuyoshi the Cruel

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There was a boy called Tsuyoshi. He had a cruel nature, and his hyper activeness was often harmful to others. It happened sometime after the womanhood education in the recreation room. He spotted a sanitary pad in a bag that belonged to a girl, H, who had started menstruating the earliest among the girls. He picked it up and displayed it to the classroom, shouting, “what is this?! I found it in H’s bag!” H jumped up in an attempt to retrieve the secret object, catching the hem of his shirt. But Tsuyoshi was quick and forceful to free himself and pulled his arm higher out of her reach. He galloped between the desks and flaunted the white square pad, laughing and howling vulgar words. H gave up on the pursuit and broke down in tears at the spot. Almost concurrently with the breakout of the incident, the teacher chased Tsuyoshi-the tormentor, and yelled, “Stop, stop!” to no avail. The boys in the classroom laughed at Tsuyoshi’s comedic flight, while the girls froze with shock at the quick occurrence of the matter. Tsuyoshi, satisfied with the attention he had achieved, let the teacher catch him and returned the pad to H.

I don’t recall if Tsuyoshi was ever punished for his action. Even if he was, it didn’t correct his behavior, because as long as I had known him, he treated girls in the same manner. He saw shame in us, and it was his great pleasure to expose them and see us shrink down as H had done.

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