Waning passion

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Stuart came to Japan for an annual business trip at the end of July, so I went to Tokyo to spend a week with him. I waited for his arrival at the same hotel lobby we met two years before and kissed for the first time. But my anticipation was lukewarm this time. After a few months of separation, when I saw him, he didn’t spark as bright as the last time. His hairline had receded a little more, put some weight around the torso and face, and his backpack looked off his style. But, all these might have been just the change in my perception of him.

As soon as we got into the hotel room, he wanted to have sex. It wasn’t as exciting as it should have been for a couple meeting for the first time after a long separation. When he wanted it again a few days later, I just wanted to watch TV.

I didn’t consider it as my waning interest in Stuart. Rather, I thought I was just a little stressed out about the change. We had been together for over a year and a half, so passion must somewhat diminish. Besides, I was returning to London in a few weeks. We could see each other every day again.

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