Biz trip to Europe – part 3

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The day after we arrived in London, Charlie, the head of the UK office, picked us up in the hotel lobby and drove to the office. We spent the morning in the office, hearing about the sales trend in the UK market. When Charlie was showing us the video of the recent marketing campaign, a staff came in to pick up something in the room. He was tall, spikey-haired, and spectacled, wore a red T-shirt and jeans. He looked like he was in an indie band, the kind of music I was into at the time. I imagined how cool it would be if I lived in London. I’d go to see live concerts of my favorite bands and hang out with boys like this guy. We’d hold hands and go to pubs. I’d ditch skirt and heels and dress like a rock chick. The thought just made me sad that I was stuck in Tokyo, in a pencil skirt and heels.

Charlie took us to lunch at a mall, and then we went around game shops to see how the games were selling. When we got back to the office at 5 pm, all the staff had already left. In the Tokyo office, people wouldn’t start to leave until 7 pm at the earliest. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant, but my stomach was still jet-lagged, and I could hardly eat.

We flew to Frankfurt the following day. After I checked into the hotel, I walked to the nearby department store and bought blue cheese, bread, and a mini bottle of sparkling wine and ate them in my hotel room. I am not sure if it was the jet lag or fatigue, or alcohol, I started to feel cold and shiver, so I ran the hot bath and soaked my body. Quickly, energy drained into the warm water, and I fell asleep in the bathtub.

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