Biz trip to Europe – part 5

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I went into the Frankfurt office the following morning. Though I felt weak, I couldn’t waste my trip that the men back in Japan sneered at as recreational.

Mr. N welcomed me with a smile. In between the sales meetings, he showed me around the office and introduced me to the staff. In the evening meal with the sales managers, he’d have me sit next to him. I appreciated it because I was too shy to be placed between strangers from different parts of Europe.

The following day was Friday and we had the office Christmas party after the meeting. Staff from Germany, UK, France, Spain, Netherland, and Sweden flew to the head office in Frankfurt once a year. Dinner was buffet-style, but they all sat with the people from the same office. But as soon as the dance floor opened, it was an open border, and they danced, drank, and mingled. I sat in the corner so that I didn’t attract too much attention. But soon, the sales manager from Sweden pulled me to the dance floor. I felt awkward and danced shyly at first, but Mr. N joined with the Spanish sales manager, who was an adept Flamenco dancer. Mr. N made me laugh as he emulated a matador, and I relaxed.

When I returned, Mr. Nomura and I went to Mr. Takano (dept. head) to give him a brief oral report on my trip. Mr. Nomura mostly talked, and Mr. Takano only turned to me when he mentioned my sickness. I believed I had some accomplishments even though I missed one day, so I wrote the report on the European market and the success of a particular product in the UK and submitted it to the managers. No one commented on it.

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