Dating experiment – part 2

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It was about two months later that we had sex. I wanted to experience it, and Chris was perfect for it because he smelled good and was not gross. Sex felt exactly what it was – a foreign object inside the vagina. It came as a small shock rather than pain or pleasure. I was nonetheless content that what I had long wondered about was revealed, and I slept in the sweet scent of his nape.

I hoped to explore more of it until it started to become moan-worthy, but after a few more nights together, he told me he wanted to be friends so we could talk to each other after he returned to the US. I was disappointed but agreed we would remain friends, though I was sure we wouldn’t, considering the level of our conversational skills.

In the meantime, Eddy and Aki had become a boyfriend and girlfriend. I envied their relationship because they were good friends before a couple. Both of them were fun to be around but could be vulnerable in sharing their emotions, and always offered compassion to others. I thought it was a matter of “with whom” to have a meaningful relationship like theirs.

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