LA trip – part 3

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I had trouble sleeping for several nights in a row. The jetlag also took my appetite away, and I was losing weight. As I didn’t eat, I was constipated too. We had to be out and about all day every day in 80 F degrees heat. Even though my body and brain were worn out, nerves were alert, and I kept going full-swing until my body gave in.

We were in Disneyland, and I was browsing a shop with other girls when I felt a drop from my nose. Initially, I thought it was a runny nose, but it was blood on the ground. The amount of it cascading down my nose shocked me, and I had to crouch down at the spot. I squeezed my nose, but the blood kept dripping. I asked an old couple beside me for help, and the girls came back with the shop staff. Soon, the medics arrived, and I was carried on the wheelchair across Disneyland to their emergency room. The former reverend’s daughter explained to them I had a nose bleed. They just let me rest until the bleeding stopped completely.

The progressive reverend laughed when he heard about the incident, and I laughed along. But it was the first time I experienced extreme fatigue, and I learned how my body reacted if I ignored it and pushed myself too far.

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