New wave

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I noticed the tide was shifting in the office as more ex-automotive company-men disappeared and more men from the construction industry joined. While the ex-automotive company-men labored at fulfilling orders of the founder, the ex-construction industry-men had a zeal for a change. Small coups were breaking out in some departments, where their heads were dethroned and sent to the gulag (the fitness gym operating subsidiary) and replaced with the new men.

Two new men joined my department, Mr. Matsuno and Mr. Hirao, both from the construction industry. Mr. Matsuno was in his early 30s, short and thin, with his dyed brown hair well-groomed and his carefully chosen suit finely tailored. He charmed men and women of all ages as he made them feel good about themselves. He would then denigrate those he elevated just a minute ago behind their back, but even that would make people feel special as his confidant. Mr. Hirao was in his late 30s, medium height and built, jovial, and similarly charming. He was a little more direct with criticism, but his criticism was positive and constructive and delivered so carefully that the recipient wouldn’t feel bad.

Mr. Hirao became my new supervisor.

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