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I didn’t go back to see the exam result for the Business Dept. the next day. I didn’t even review answers, so there was no way I passed. A few days later, a letter came from Waseda with 1,000 numbers accepted to the Business Dept. My head was clear, with no anticipation or fear. I was ready to surrender to whatever fate awaited me. I traced lines of numbers with my finger, and it touched mine. Like a lottery winner, I checked several more times, but it was unmistakenly the number that was assigned to me. I gasped and stared at it for a few minutes before I told my grandmother the news. Then I called my mother at work, who congratulated me (and told me later she cried a little.) I called the school next. Though I was dancing to myself a minute before, I told my teacher that I ONLY passed one exam, in a disappointed tone of voice. He sounded incredulous as I expected. I was glad to slap them in their face for not believing me.

A week later, I received the enrollment documents. I filled in the form and sent it back. They sent my parents and invoice for the tuition, and I was set to start university.

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