Relationship day 1

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There was no more sign of hesitation on Stuart’s face when we met at Heathrow. On the contrary, he beamed his dimpled smile and welcomed me in his arms. I was more nervous than he was. I had longed for this to happen for a year. I wanted it to be as great as I had been imagining.

Stuart lived in a suburban city in the southwest of London. He went to a university there and had stayed ever since. His flatmate left for his girlfriend’s shortly after saying a nice-to-meet-you to give the flat to two of us during my stay. Stuart said the rent was about 350 GBP, so cheap that he saved a lot of money.

We went to bed immediately. It was not even midday, but Stuart finally initiated it, so I went along with it. I felt very uncomfortable because I was sober for one thing, and I felt my body was covered with airport germs and airplane grime. I was hungry, too, as I had left home early in the morning. Stuart was too delighted to notice any hesitation on my side and proceeded with the protocol. When I saw him without glasses for the first time in the daylight, he wasn’t as handsome as I had pictured in my head. His body was pale and muscle-less, and the ample chest hair was the only masculine thing on him. It was anticlimactic intercourse, both literary and emotionally. But none of the imperfections mattered because I finally got what I wanted, and I was sure Stuart would make a sweet boyfriend who’d lighten up my otherwise miserable life.

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