Sister – betrayal

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To my eyes, my sister was a kind and righteous superhero. When we were little and were playing outside, I fell and cried. After consoling me, she offered me to carry me in her back on the walk home. I wasn’t that hurt but was incredibly happy with the opportunity to be spoiled by her, as my mother rarely carried or caressed me. From her back, I was looking at my sister’s feet step forward alternately, at a steady and rhythmic pace. We talked and laughed, and I felt safe and protected.

I searched my memories when my sister became an ordinary human, and I felt betrayed by her.

My sister didn’t pass entrance exams for any of the universities she applied to, while neither of them was particularly prestigious. She instead entered a skill school to study the English language. Why would she want to learn just English, while you need so much more knowledge other than a foreign language to be an adult in this world? The person whom I thought was the smartest was not that special, after all.

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