Women’s right to emotions

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We continued our argument on texts.

“I wasn’t sure if you were really moving to Europe” (I never told you it might not happen. You are just making that up to justify your action.)
“I saw her only a few times.” (It’s not about the number.)
“I wasn’t sure if you really liked me.” (I had made my feelings VERY clear to you.)

I understood his perspectives, and I also knew he had every right to date anyone, as of summer because we were NOT in a relationship. But my jealousy was just as valid as his insecurity. He had to understand my perspectives, too. I had seen too many of my girlfriends silenced because their boyfriends refused to offer a modicum of empathy. This logic-only narrative deprived women of the right to feel emotions and the power to be equal in a relationship. So I persisted until he finally wrote a long email explaining how he left the previous relationship and how his loneliness led to the brief encounter with the girl while he had strong feelings toward me. He now saw his action from my perspective and felt embarrassed about it and sorry to have upset me. He was so stupid to have sabotaged what could have been the most beautiful relationship he had ever had in his life. I hadn’t planned to end the relationship, but I was moved that he took it so seriously, so I thanked him for understanding and made amends.

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